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First news Will PS4 be reborn Dreamcast on relising shenmue 3
for thoses who don't you... F**K! Wher you guyz have been?
Anyway Dreamcast was SEGA's Last try to get back on number 1 place on videogame consoles ranking but Crashed
And Shenmue was one of sega dreamcast games realised for the system.
Game as sequel Shenmue 2 where huge flop for SEGA. But when times passed on game became underground hit and fan base have grow a lot
so much actually that SEGA coulden't not hear fans. So SEGA stardet Kickstarter for shenmue 3 and for theyr suprice only under 8 hours campaing reached to 2 million us dollars making.
Shenmue 3 the firsth kickstarter ever getting that mutch on so short of time. well at this time campaing is over and Shenmue 3 will hit on Ps4 and microsoft windows on december 2017.
Hopefully SEGA dosen't want relice SEGAGAGA game on PS4 because that would be Really awkward.

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